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Austintown Court Judge 
Honorable David A. D'Apolito

Civil Magistrate

Donald DeSanto

DApolito, David A
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Due to an unforeseen incident at Austintown Court (Mahoning County Area Court #4), Criminal/traffic court sessions have been moved to Canfield Court (Mahoning County Area Court #5) 72 N. Broad Street, Canfield Ohio 44406.  Although Austintown Court will remain open to the public for payments and probation reporting, all  criminal/traffic proceedings, including arraignments, pre-trials and trials will be held at the Canfield Court until further notice. 

Further, all civil court sessions have been moved to Boardman Court (Mahoning County Area Court #2) 8110 Market Street, Boardman Ohio 44512.  Although Austintown Court will remain open to the public for filing of civil papers, all civil court sessions will be held at the Boardman Court until further notice.

What We Do

This court conducts court business relating to misdemeanor criminal and traffic charges, small claims and civil complaints, initial appearance(s) on felony charges and probation violations.

Mahoning County Area Court Number 4 processes the highest number of case(s), at this level, in the State of Ohio.


This court has jurisdiction over:
  • Austintown Township
  • Jackson Township
  • Milton Township
  • Village of Craig Beach
Bailiff: 330-740-2001
Probation Officer: 330-740-2196
Probation Secretary: 330-740-2196
Court Administrator: 330-740-2001
Asst. Co. Prosecutor: 330-740-2001
Magistrate: 330-740-2001

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