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If you don't have a bin, contact the Green Team to request yours free of charge, at 330-740-2060.

It is not necessary to separate any of the materials you put out for curbside recycling. View and download the 2019 Curbside Pick-up Schedule (PDF).

Presently, the items listed below are the only materials accepted:
Green Team Recycling Bin
Not Accepted
Paper Publications Newsprint, catalogs, magazines, ad slicks, paperboard, shredded paper, junk mail, wrapping paper, greeting cards, paperback books, phone books, computer paper, envelopes, aseptic packaging. Corrugated cardboard or hardbound books.
Metal Food and Beverage Cans Canned fruit, vegetables, prepared foods; soda pop cans Pesticide containers, paint cans, aerosols or any non-food container Rinse thoroughly and flatten.
Glass Bottles
and JARS
Fruit, vegetable, prepared food and beverage bottles/jars Light bulbs; eyeglasses; drinking glasses; window panes; broken glass of any kind Rinse thoroughly.
Plastic Containers (#1 through #7) Most containers including milk jugs, pop bottles, detergents, cleaning products and cups; milk or juice cartons; CD cases; etc. Tubs or buckets; automotive fluids; any plastic not carrying the #1 through #7 symbol; broken containers; hangers. no Styrofoam! No plastic bags! Rinse thoroughly and flatten. Remove and discard tops and lids.