Making A Payment

Dog License Online Payments

For Registered Dog Owners
Pay your Dog License online with a Credit Card

Property Tax Online Payments

Pay your taxes online with E-check or Credit Card:
  1. Open the Property Search page
  2. Enter your name, address or parcel
  3. Choose the correct parcel and press enter
  4. Click the Tax Tab
  5. Choose Make tax payment to process your payment

Mahoning County Courts 

Online Payments for all “waiverable“ citations and certain criminal offenses will have a 4% Convenience Fee or a $2.00 fee (whichever is greater) added to your credit card payment. 
  1. Open the CourtView Justice Solution
  2. Enter the letters from the Challenge Image and click the "Click Here" button
  3. Search for your case by your name, case#, ticket/citation#, vehicle/drivers license.
In order to pay click on "Pay" the button next to your case and fill in your email address to proceed. Your online payment is a formal waiver of your appearance before a judge or magistrate, it is a waiver of your right to a speedy trial and it is an admission of guilt. When processed,
your payment and guilty plea will close the case against you. Closing your case will
also result in all administrative actions, including but not limited to forwarding
points to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
  • Cases that have a Warrant or Capias ARE NOT payable online.
    You must contact the Court!
  • Online Payments DO NOT release your license or registration.
    You must contact the Court listed on your citation and provide a current address.
  • Insurance- If you did not provide proof of insurance at the time of the citation you will be notified by the BMV and must provide proof to:
    Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles-Compliance
    Unit-P.O. Box 16583 Columbus, Ohio 43216-6583
    Phone (614)
Any questions please contact the respective courts at:
Austintown County Court 330-740-2001
Boardman County Court 330-726-5546
Canfield County Court 330-533-3643
Sebring County Court 330-938-9873