Schedule of Fees

All fees charged for services provided by this office are the result of legislation passed by the Ohio Legislature and reflected in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). 


NOTE: Checks presented to this office must reflect the correct recording fee. Documents received by mail will be returned if the check is for more than the total cost of recording.

NOTE: The following is a list of fees provided that the document(s) conform to the Standard Recording Guidelines per ORC §317.114.

Record Type Fees & Notes

Basic Recording Fee

$34.00 for the first two pages + $8.00 for each additional page or side.   ORC §317.32(A)
(Deeds, mortgages, power of atty, leases, mechanic liens, releases, assignments, etc.).

Documents with References for Marginal Notation (e.g. Releases, Amendments, Assignments, Re-Recordings, ETC.) - Basic Recording Fee PLUS $4.00 for each Marginal notation.


$0.10 per square inch with a minimum fee of $40.00.   ORC §317.32(J)

Federal Tax Liens

$5.00   ORC §317.09(C)

Release or Partial Release Federal Tax Lien

$3.00   ORC §317.09(C)

Military Records (DD214)

No charge    ORC §317.24(A)

Release Recognizance Lien

No Charge   ORC §2937.26

Release Bureau of Employment Services Lien

$4.00   ORC §4141.23

Release Personal Property Tax Lien

$4.00   ORC §5719.07

Certified Copies of Records

$2.00 per page plus $1.00 for certification   ORC §317.32(B)

Uncertified Copies of Records

$2.00 per page   ORC §317.32 (B)

Faxed Copies

$2.00 per page for local faxes, $4.00 per page per long distance faxes   ORC §317.32(J)

Zoning Resolutions

$50.00   ORC §317.32(G)

Zoning Amendments

$20.00   ORC §317.32(G)

Living Wills

$28.00 per document

Durable Power of Attorney For HealthCare

$28.00 per document   ORC §317.32(K)

Notice of Personal Property Transfer $28.00 for the first two pages + $8.00 for each additional page or side.   ORC §317.32(A)(2)

UCC STATEMENTS; FINANCING STATEMENT, CONTINUATIONS, ETC. are no longer filed with the County Recorder unless they are directly related to real estate.
Record Type Fees & Notes

Real Estate UCC Filing (Legal description of the real estate must be attached)

$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed (Debtor and Secured party)

The minimum cost is $20.00.   ORC §1309.40(E)

Real Estate Amendments, Continuation, Assignments, Partial Releases & Terminations:

$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed (debtor and secured party)(minimum charge: $20.00)   ORC §317.32

Terminations on UCC's Filed Prior to 7/1/01


Terminations on UCC's Filed After 7/1/01

$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed (Debtor and Secured party).

The minimum cost is $20.00.

UCC Search

$20.00 per name search   ORC §1309.40(H)

UCC Copies:

$2.00 per page   ORC §1309.40(H)