What should I Expect Once I Arrive for Mediation?
Upon arrival, parties will fill out a form asking for basic contact information as well as answer a few brief questions to allow the mediator to best assist the parties during the mediation process. The mediator usually meets with each party individually, either during a separate appointment or prior to the scheduled mediation time, to allow parties a chance to discuss their perspective prior to bringing all parties together.

During mediation each party will have an opportunity to speak and be heard. A mediator will facilitate the mediation in a way comfortable to the parties and conducive to the current situation. This could be either face to face (with parties in the same room communicating directly) or as a shuttle (with parties in separate rooms and the mediator moves between the rooms relaying information). While a mediator may offer suggestions to the parties to assist in resolving conflict, any agreement reached will be by the parties.

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1. What is Mediation?
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5. What Should I Expect Once My Case is Referred for Mediation?
6. What should I Expect Once I Arrive for Mediation?
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